Developing water boardsports

Waterlife Community focuses on developing surf culture. Based on the European South-West coast, Waterlife Community is in the heart of the French California. We aim at galvanizing all types of activities linked with boardsports everywhere in Europe where places to practice and natural areas can coexist. We fight so that our life culture is recognized […]

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Promoting boardsports practice

Essential component of our activity: The practice of boardsports! On any board, on any craft, simply bodysurfing, on anything that floats on the ocean, a lake, a river, even a simple puddle. We only use 100% natural propulsion! No engine power, only muscle, wind or wave power. Addicted to the Waterman culture, we facilitate access […]

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Preserving the environment

The underlying goal of all our actions is the protection of our environment. We are convinced that our passion for boardsports is compatible with the defense of natural spaces. Surely, a respectful practice advances the monitoring and thus the protection of natural areas. Our goal is to combine sport practice and positive environmental actions such […]

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Promoting development

Sport practice requires some gear! Waterlife Community promotes research and development structures that engage in boardsports gear. Unfortunately, our current gear is far from being environmentally friendly: few structures produce gear that is fully recyclable, sustainable or issued from solidarity economy. The ethics of production are, still today, in contradiction with our values, thus there […]

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One of our objectives is to open an environmentally responsible surfcamp for the summer 2017 on our gorgeous Atlantic coast, in a preserved forest. We are conceiving a dream place in a hyper-responsible spirit and with a minimum impact on the environment, in total contradiction with classical patterns.

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Informing, federating, broadcasting knowledge and culture related to the practice of sport and the protection of the environment are main objectives that fully contribute to the object of Waterlife Community. Through various events, we enrich the boardsports community and open it to the general public. In addition to cultural and sportive events around sport and […]

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Waterlife Community works with producers and developers who are willing to engage in sustainable and solidarity economy, helping both emerging and fully-developed entities in the progression of their enterprise. Waterlife Community is stimulating innovation and is dedicated to support sustainable technical development. A few examples: Rockwell Rockwell Surfboards is a Indonesian brand of surfboards, manufacturing […]

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Our base camp

While our main « connected » office is in Darwin, in the center of Bordeaux, we find our happiness closer to the water! In addition to our permanent areas of practice and temporary settlements on various sports, we are building a base camp. On a natural lake two steps away from Bordeaux, you will be initiated to […]

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