2 January 2017


03112016-dsc_2565Waterlife Community works with producers and developers who are willing to engage in sustainable and solidarity economy, helping both emerging and fully-developed entities in the progression of their enterprise.
Waterlife Community is stimulating innovation and is dedicated to support sustainable technical development.

A few examples:


Rockwell Surfboards is a Indonesian brand of surfboards, manufacturing about 35 boards a month in a small workshop in Bali, as know as The Island of the Gods!

We met the Rockwell Team, three Javanese guys, during a trip in Bali.
Through our partnership, we help them to get a greater notoriety and enable them to expand and to face the mass industry of surfboards.

By promoting their surfboards in Europe and in the world, we support the small organizations within the surfing world. Those small organizations are part of a social and solidarity economy. We help them to engage in a reasonable and environmentally friendly development, which will ensure good working conditions for their employees.


Immersion is a feminine surfing magazine located in Bordeaux. The two founders, Frederique and Myriam, are passionate about surf and seek at putting forward women in surf in a high-quality journal.

Our partnership’s object is to help launching their magazine. We provide them with the means and skills useful for their project, which carries the same values than Waterlife Community.

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