2 January 2017

Promoting boardsports practice


Essential component of our activity: The practice of boardsports!
On any board, on any craft, simply bodysurfing, on anything that floats on the ocean, a lake, a river, even a simple puddle.
We only use 100% natural propulsion! No engine power, only muscle, wind or wave power.

Addicted to the Waterman culture, we facilitate access to all levels of practice by providing means of practice from beginners to confirmed athletes. We assist every style of ride! In the Aloha Spirit, we favor group practice, funnier and cooler!

We have our own gear and facilities, and multiply as much as possible places and areas of sport practice, through partnerships with clubs and sport associations.
Waterlife Community assists and develops the practice in an ethical and sustainable framework.

Furthermore, we consider that practicing boardsports favors social insertion, thus we aim at promoting the practice in an associative framework.

Baby surfers, tenacious wave-riders, fifty-something seeking occasional sport practice, we are all part of the same community. We all seek happiness in the intensity and the energy of sports, we are all members of Waterlife Community!

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