2 January 2017

Developing water boardsports

Waterlife Community focuses on developing surf culture. Based on the European South-West coast, Waterlife Community is in the heart of the French California.

We aim at galvanizing all types of activities linked with boardsports everywhere in Europe where places to practice and natural areas can coexist. We fight so that our life culture is recognized and matters in institutional decisions.

We are committed to the general interest: beyond preserving natural areas of practice, we fight so that any economic, commercial, technological and environmental activities linked with our universe are included in the global development of our society.

We aim at federating actions and structures that already contribute to these objectives. Our goal is not to recreate what already exists. Instead, we favor relations between sport clubs, artistic activities, events, and development agencies.

Our approach falls within the scope of eco-friendly and solidarity economy. We promote humanitarian and environmental values through our lifestyle.

As a promoter of culture, we organize brainstorming workshops, colloquium and events to put forward a sustainable approach of boardsports practice.

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